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Helping clients define their goals and develop specific investment plans to meet them

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We are always available to answer questions,
we are here to help people retire.
We meet you where you are. With an interactive approach to employee education, we customize our resources for each individual. We conduct group classroom style meetings, speak in plain English and start with financial and investment basics that have been proven to increase financial confidence.  
When you partner with us, you have more than an advisor, you have a dedicated partner and we deliver on our service promises. As an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), our team acts only in your best interest.
Employee FAQs
  • How do I make changes to my asset allocation / investment elections?
    Log in on your retirement plan website using your User ID and PIN. Follow the instructions to make investment changes.
  • How do I change my deferral percentage (contribution amount)?
    You may need to see your Human Resources Department (HR) to make the change, or simply make the change on your 401(k) plan website.
  • What if I have lost my PIN?
    Your retirement plan website has instructions to guide you to set up a temporary PIN that you can change once you have logged in.
  • Where can I find planning tools to help me determine if I am on track for retirement?
    Your retirement plan website has a variety of tools for you to use.
  • I don’t feel I have a good understanding of investing and would like someone to help me. Whom can I contact?
    Contact Cleveland Hauswirth for information and personal advice. By Phone: 1-866-340-0430 By Email:
  • I am thinking about taking a withdrawal from my account or I am nearing retirement. What are my options?
    Contact Cleveland Hauswirth for information and direction. By Phone: 1-866-340-0430 By Email:


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